Embark on an Epic TTRPG Adventure with NASA’s The Lost Universe

Attention all adventurers! It’s time to assemble your party and delve into the thrilling world of tabletop role-playing games (TTRPGs) with NASA’s latest cosmic quest. A mysterious darkness has shrouded the city of Aldastron on the enigmatic rogue planet of Exlaris. The cosmos researchers have vanished without a trace, and the Hubble Space Telescope has mysteriously disappeared from Earth’s timeline. Now, a brave crew of adventurers is needed to unveil the lost secrets. Are you prepared for the challenge?

A Cosmic Mystery Unfolds

Set against the backdrop of Aldastron, this TTRPG adventure is tailor-made for a party of 4-7 characters ranging from level 7-10. The flexibility of the adventure allows easy adaptation to your preferred TTRPG system, ensuring that players can immerse themselves in the quest using familiar rules and mechanics.

The Lost Universe - Map of Aldastron
The Lost Universe – Map of Aldastron

In this cosmic escapade, NASA invites players to confront a classic villain while simultaneously utilizing and honing their scientific skills. The adventure promises a blend of challenges, discoveries, and the excitement of unlocking profound knowledge about our universe. Assemble your party, download the game documents, and prepare to embark on an interstellar journey through the captivating world of Exlaris.

NASA’s First TTRPG Adventure

This marks NASA’s inaugural foray into the realm of tabletop role-playing games. The space agency invites players to not only enjoy an immersive gaming experience but also to engage with scientific concepts integral to the adventure. The melding of science and fantasy creates a unique and educational opportunity for players to explore the mysteries of the cosmos.

You can download the books here.

Tailor the Adventure to Your TTRPG System

The Aldastron quest is crafted to accommodate various TTRPG systems, ensuring accessibility for a diverse audience of gaming enthusiasts. Whether you prefer Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, or any other TTRPG system, the adventure’s adaptability allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your gaming sessions.

Share Your Adventure with #NASATTRPG

NASA encourages participants to share their unfolding adventures on social media using the hashtag #NASATTRPG. Connect with fellow gamers, exchange stories, and showcase your unique approach to unraveling the cosmic enigma of Aldastron.

Contact for Inquiries

For any inquiries or reporter questions about the TTRPG module, you can reach out to Claire Andreoli and Rob Garner in the Office of Communications at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.

Embark on this celestial journey, combine your passion for gaming with scientific curiosity, and become a part of NASA’s Aldastron quest. The cosmos awaits your exploration!

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