Square Enix Expands Final Fantasy Tabletop Game Universe with Exciting Releases

Square Enix, the renowned video game publisher, is set to expand its tabletop game offerings with two captivating additions, slated for release in the second quarter of 2024. These new arrivals will join the celebrated Final Fantasy Trading Card Game (TCG) and enrich the ever-growing Final Fantasy tabletop game family.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Board Game: Materia Hunter

Prepare to embark on an epic journey with the “Final Fantasy VII Remake Board Game: Materia Hunter.” In this thrilling tabletop experience, players can engage in intense competitions, either in one-on-one duels (1 vs. 1) or team clashes (2 vs. 2), as they vie to amass the most Materia imbued with the potent abilities of beloved characters from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Inside the game box, adventurers will discover a treasure trove of components, including 20 Character cards, 80 Materia cards divided into five types (with 16 cards each), 20 Medal tokens, 5 Materia tiles representing five unique Materia types, and 2 Rule sheets available in both Japanese and English. Designed for 2 or 4 players aged 14 and up, each session of “Materia Hunter” is expected to last between 20 to 30 minutes. The game is set to hit shelves in April 2024, with a suggested retail price of $44.99.

Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Starter Set: Forge Your Own Adventures

Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG Starter Set” invites players to step into the role of heroic adventurers in the vibrant and expansive Final Fantasy XIV universe. Whether serving as adventurers or game masters, participants collaborate to craft their unique stories within this rich narrative backdrop.

This comprehensive RPG experience is packaged as a boxed starter set, containing essential resources for newcomers to the world of roleplaying games. Inside, players will find a Player Book, a comprehensive guide covering the rules and mechanics of the game, a Gamemaster Book featuring three pre-made scenarios for seamless gameplay, 4 full-color Character Sheets (Warrior, White Mage, Dragoon, Black Mage), 16 dice (6 d20 & 10 d6), a Rules Summary & Strategy Guide, an Encounter Map, Character Tokens, and Ability Markers.

While the ideal group size is five players, “Final Fantasy XIV TTRPG” is adaptable for as few as three participants, all aged 14 and above. A single session is estimated to take 120 minutes or more. The game is scheduled for release in May 2024, with a suggested retail price of $59.99.

As Square Enix broadens its horizons in the realm of tabletop gaming, fans of the beloved Final Fantasy franchise can anticipate immersive experiences that mirror the depth and grandeur of their video game counterparts. With these exciting releases on the horizon, 2024 promises to be a remarkable year for tabletop gaming enthusiasts and Final Fantasy aficionados alike.

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